Temoli – Thazbook’s Anthology Journal

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Thazbook’s Anthology Journal provides the tween (9-14-year olds) a creative outlet. It is a blend of both a journal and an anthology. Where we give our respected readers lessons to learn creative writing along with a treasure trove of inspirational stories written by international authors. TAJ believes in fostering the young ones to enhance their ability to write by providing them with activities and writing prompts to pour out their version.


“I love a good anthology with a mix of styles and offerings to appease many reading moods. Thazbook’s Anthology is one to love. Written with curious youngsters in mind it has a strong blend of engaging short stories, several giving glimpses into South Asian lifestyles. Each story comes with an engaging activity or writing prompt, encouraging readers to get into their own creative mindsets, making the Thazbook’s Anthology a great resource for young people.”
Brooke Benoit,
“This idea is ingenious and Thazbook has done justice in masterly executing it. It brings together all types of writers and the beauty lies in the diversity of writings that are sewn together by the fun activities at the end of each story. It’s really inspiring to see Pakistani people stepping up to reveal their creativity to the world through these endeavours”
Lubaina Shahid,
Deputy Director.
Usman Public School System.