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Reading improves language skills in all areas including vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing. To extract the most out of this activity, children must learn to think about what they have read, analyze it and be able to extract the gist from their reading material. This workbook is a journal to keep a record of the books children have read. It is a place to log new words they encounter, which they may look up immediately or record for investigation later. It helps them choose books which are just right for their level of reading. It tells them about book genres to broaden the range of books they read. It is also a guide to writing great book summaries. The guide breaks down the summary writing process into simpler parts to help the children recall important aspects of the book and write a comprehensive review. This approach helps them infer and extract the purpose of the book after finishing it. A number of worksheets are provided for the purpose of summary writing. Various exercises are included to help readers in upgrading their vocabulary.

About the Author
Kanwal Saud has an MA in English from The University of Karachi. She holds certificates from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi on Entrepreneurship and on Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking from Harvard University. She is the founder of the Outloud Reading Club and regularly conducts online sessions and onsite workshops on storytelling and creative writing for children. You can reach her at


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