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Adam Lyons is a successful New Yorker who never knew his mother except that her life ended moments before his began. An unexpected letter from his Pakistani grandmother sends him on a quest he doesn’t know he needs, on a path towards satisfying his spiritual hunger.Iman, who lives on the other side of east river, can never predict the turns her life takes. In her search for peace, she must submit to a fate she is desperate to escape.Max has his own plans. His entire life, he has been waiting to give them what they deserve rather than what they desire. He did it before. Now, he has to end things once and for all. His problem? He has to survive two life sentences to fulfil his hunger.


“What a novel! Its such a beautiful book, I’m mesmerized with its beauty. The writing style, pace and story everything was on point. Its very suspenseful that you won’t be able to put it down.” – Sarah Muzaffar.


“It is the most interesting job to read a book that pulls you in from the very start. A book that has a good lot of suspense mixed with an equivalent amount of thriller. The author has done quite a praiseworthy task regarding thriller and mystery…”


“What a wonderful read this book was. The author has such a wonderful way of describing the sceneries and characters that one cannot help but get mesmerized. Each character was beautifully written and the intricate details with which the author has described the beauty of Northern Pakistan and Islam is commendable!”

– Samra Nadir

About the Author

Tanzeela k. Hassan, is an emerging Pakistani novelist. After finishing her Postgraduate degree in Foods and Nutrition with a baby in her hands, she’s now a mother of four and currently a stay-at-home manager. Art is in her blood, from her parents to her siblings each and every being in her family excels in some kind of art. When asked about how she developed a her taste for writing, she replied, “Our father, who’s an artists turned writer himself, encouraged us to take our sketchbooks and notepads wherever we travelled and to make important notes of our travel details, as well as to sketch scenes along our way. He would then encourage us to write something on our trip, saying that we should use all our experiences to increase our creativity.” Being a citizen of a third world country. She finds it her duty to let the world know about the positivity and beauty her native country possess.