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Life doesn’t ask for permission before throwing at us distressing experiences, and one of such challenges is to be a witness to a loved one’s struggle through a terminal or a chronic health condition with little to no improvement. When I came across energy healing, I was in depths of despair, afraid and frustrated, my hope gradually waning away. I decided to go for ENERGY HEALING and booked a session. My encounter with healing energy started me on a fascinating journey of awakening to possibility and potential.

Are we being misled into thinking that we are confined to a three-dimensional experience of a three-dimensional reality through the five senses alone? It’s time to re-evaluate our beliefs and embrace the potential nature of a human being as multi-dimensional and multi-sensory, having an innate ability to selfheal and self-regulate. Cruise through the realm of Energy Healing, discover the incredible mind body connection and the power of love.

This book takes you on a wondrous journey of awakening to possibility and potential. A change of perspective that makes us look squarely at what we have been taught to perceive, raised to believe and conditioned to think.

I am convinced that the ability to overcome and transcend our limitations lies within us. And when we give intent for change, help arrives. Held by the vicissitude of life, sometimes we become too hopeless to acknowledge the magnificence that resides within us.

This book is for sceptics and seekers alike. For the rational and the intuitive minds. For practitioners of alternative healing modalities and the ones starting on the path of self-healing.

Now, you don’t have to go through a cumbersome endeavour to understand energy healing. Every one seeking to self heal or help a friend/ loved one heal, has the right to know how to benefit from healing energy without having to spend a fortune and doing hundreds of hours of research, picking up, putting together and making sense of tiny bits and pieces of information that lay scattered across numerous websites on the internet and hundreds of books and a bundle of expensive courses. This book has done that for you.


The book is divided into four parts

1.My personal journey

2.What is energy healing/science behind energy healing

3.The Incredible mind body connection

4.Mechanics of energy healing

Read my personal journey, incidences that led me to continue my journey on the path of self-healing using energy.

A chapter on the emerging Science that is increasingly turning into the favor of energy healing

Learn about the palpable nature of energy and how to interact with it.

Dive into the mind body connection that’s deeper than we have been allowed to believe.

Learn the mechanics of energy healing and a step by step guide to feel human energy field and interact with it in a way that brings about healing as well as serves as a preventive model of medicine.

By the end of this book, you will most likely be ready to embark on the journey to heal from emotional, psychological and physical limitations.

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The author is a certified Energy Healing Practitioner with a background in literature, psychology, and teaching. Today she is a proponent of energy work and a pioneer of energy healing in Pakistan. She intends to demystify the mystical by offering a unique perspective on health and healing.

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