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Mujahid Khan Thrillers.


It’s 1925 and Halife Ozturk has to save years of his research and the formula from the chieftain of his village. As he sets off in a hurry with his wife and daughter, he barely manages to reach his destination.
Years later, the descendants of the chieftain still find it their duty to search for them. They’d do anything and everything for it. Emel, living an ordinary orphan’s life, never knew that these men would turn her life from miserable…to dreadful.
It’s 2017 and the quest remains.
Where is the formula? Did the alchemist manage to preserve it as is? No one knows the answers to these questions. Not even the Father of the Church. But when Mujahid visits him with the intention to discover the undiscovered, the Father requests him to find the answers. As much as he enjoys his adventures, it isn’t long after he realises that not all that glitters is gold.

The Trilogy includes:
Book one
Kapadokya – Based in Turkey
Book two
Fustat – Based in Egypt.
Book Three
Torkham – Based in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The trilogy itself is Hunger’s Spin Off. The story of Mujahid Khan, one of the supporting Characters from Hunger …


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